True Luxury In Sri Lanka (Luxe Pools)

What makes a luxury Hotel truly luxurious?

What pushes a location up from simply very good to an exercise in human pleasure and comfort so fine and excessive that it enters the realms of luxury?

How does a Hotel proprietor create and experience and a world inside their establishment that so perfectly insulates the guest from the rough edges and brutal truths of the reality outside and sleeps them into a world that is both real and unreal in its existence as pure pleasure, without the pain and cruelty that marks out reality?

It’s a complicated challenge and it appears that they keys to rising to it are multiple. Here, for your delight and for the pride of the nation of Sri Lanka are a few top tips:

The Devil Is In The Detail


It’s all about quality and recognizing that when it comes to designing the ultimate hotel experience, everything is important.

OK, you have a nice clean mirror, but does it’s design add to the theme of the room? Is it framed in gold? Sure, you have a pool on the balcony, but is it made to extenuate the features around it? Is it just any old pool, or is it one of the highly sought after one piece pools by Luxe? Sure, maybe you have airport transport, but do you have a full 20 car strong set of BMW 7-series Limousines, like the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli (Mumbai)?

These things matter.

Treat them like royalty…


You have to be proud of every guest that chooses to visit your establishment, just in the same way that you’d be proud if the Queen of Sheba had chosen your hotel.

You would treat them well because you want to prove that they made the right choice and that you can provide an experience they will love and remember, potentially cherish for the rest of their life. That is fundamental to any efforts to create a luxury hotel experience.

More, next time…