How Does One ‘Sri Lanka?’

Sri Lanka is a total country.

Just like Indonesia, or Peru, or Jamaica or like, Peru.

Sri Lanka is officially a country as recognised by the United Nations of Countries. It is also a real place.

Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’ve never seen Sri Lanka, I’ve never touched Sri Lanka, why should I trust you that Sri Lanka is a real thing? You could just be trying to con me you con man, and I’m no fool, I’m not going to Sri Lanka till I can see Sri Lanka and make sure that it actually exists. Because I make decisions based on a little thing called evidence!  Yeah, ever heard of that you stunted fool? Evidence, yeah and logic you idiot Ha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.’

Well, may I point to you that you wont be able to see and touch Sri Lank to prove that it exists without going to Sri Lanka to prove that it exists. So my advice to you would be to.. go to Sri Lanka!


Next question: “Yeah but aren’t there better countries to go too?”

Well, that depends what you mean by ‘better’: how are you judging countries now?

There will never be one way for judging countries, you really can’t say ‘this country is better than that country’ other countries will be better and worse in varying ways. You can’t let yourself be frozen into inaction by the fear that any one thing you choose will be potentially worse than something else you could possibly choose. Just choose! Just make a decision and go! And in this case, just go to Sri Lanka! 


That’s right, did I not mention the waterfalls? Oh, how silly of me! Did I really forget to mention the beautiful waterfalls? Oh how careless. Did I actually completely let it slip my mind that there are many beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka?

That really is absent minded of me. How silly, how mad, how crazy, how unforgivable.